Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Peace Hillary: Twice a beneficiary

Peace Hillary Tumwesigire is twice a beneficiary of the Rwanda Women Leadership Institute – at first, when she received training to enhance her leadership skills as an accomplished leader in her journalism field, and, second, as a trainer to facilitate women leadership workshops under the Rwandan Women Leadership Institute- RWLI.
Peace is an experienced journalist with her own online family magazine. And, since her leadership training, she has been the host of her own show on Family TV, a private television station in Rwanda. She credits her newly acquired additional role as a TV host to the further empowerment she received, both as a person and as a gender and family activist, to RWLI. 

This is how Peace tells it:

It was, indeed, a great honor and privilege to be participate in RWLI Women Transformational Leadership Program with the different super-women and feminists with different experiences. I felt blessed to have been selected as a woman journalist to be trained on such aspects as how to locate myself as an activist, in advocacy and, among others, in my journalistic role towards social transformation. The training allowed me to be organized in my different projects and to be innovative and creative person. These are my true feelings and experiences as gained during the two phases of training.
I have since created a Sunday TV Live Talk Show, which I also host, called UMURYANGO MWIZA (Happy Family) which mainly focuses on gender, fighting gender-based violence and conflict in the family. Family Magazine, my own organization, now has a lot of projects and activities which I now dedicate to the RWLI. This, in acknowledgement of the importance the leadership program has been my career.

Below are some YouTube links to my show:

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